Legal Hold Management

It has become clear that simply sending out a legal hold notice and relying on employees to comply is no longer enough to satisfy your legal hold and preservation obligations and will likely result in spoliation issues. AlphaLit’s legal hold management solutions offer comprehensive and defensible processes and consulting services to help you avoid spoliation, manage overlapping holds and reduce downstream data volume and costs.

Take Control out of Custodians’ Hands

Preserve ESI without relying on employees to understand the technical requirements to effectively comply with a legal hold.

Protect against IT Mishaps

Proven processes systematically look for all relevant ESI sources to help you avoid preservation errors.

Notifications and Audit Trail

Manage and track notifications, reminders, acknowledgements and correspondence in one centralized location utilizing the Relativity® Legal Hold solution.

Automated Release of Data

Automated ongoing data mapping feature manages overlapping holds and releases data automatically when it is no longer associated with an active legal hold.

Expert Consulting

Leverage the expertise of our consultants for key personnel interviews, policy reviews, requirements analysis and solution recommendations and implementations.

Reduce Downstream Data Volume and Costs

Preserve only what needs to be preserved with our expert guidance and tools that use searches, date filters, etc. to selectively place data on hold.

From dozens to thousands of holds that may involve hundreds of custodians, our solutions offer true visibility and control of your legal holds to ensure compliance and give you peace of mind.

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