About Us

Founded in the mid-1980’s by healthcare document management leaders, AlphaLit quickly established itself as a leader of eDiscovery services for America’s largest corporations and most prestigious law firms. Clients quickly recognized the company for its innovative approach to processing, review, and production in complex litigation, second requests and government investigations. Evolving over the past two decades with the constituency it serves, AlphaLit intuitively understands and applies the technologies and techniques necessary to succeed.

An ability to manage large volumes of information coupled with its vast discovery experience, AlphaLit converts conflicts and complications into coordinated consultation with an ever-present mission to simplify and streamline the eDiscovery process for our customers. AlphaLit leverages the full breadth of its expertise for each client in every matter, with the goal of exceeding expectations by treating your case as the only one we have.

Having set the gold standard for discovery document management 30 years ago, AlphaLit continues to lead the industry in client service and innovative tools designed to showcase the latest advancements in technology while using the most user-friendly interfaces.

In 2013, AlphaLit merged with LDiscovery. The LDiscovery Companies, with more than 230 full time employees and eight offices worldwide, now include LDiscovery, AlphaLit, FlashData Solutions, Turnstone Solutions, and RenewData.

AlphaLit offers the full suite of LDiscovery Companies services featuring massive processing capacity and innovative solutions at every stage of eDiscovery.

Located in a secure, 150,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Southeast Pennsylvania, AlphaLit leverages its advanced technology solutions and the experience of its production managers and case law professionals to ensure that you have the highest levels of quality, security, reliability and personal service in every aspect of your discovery needs.

Company Values

At AlphaLit, our core values are embodied in our client-centered focus and technical talent and our passion to make eDiscovery easy. We build trust by forming bonds with those we serve and cultivate a culture of excellence through achievement. Our passion for innovation and commitment to integrity are the hallmarks of the AlphaLit Way.

With an emphasis on efficiency and a sincere interest in every outcome, the AlphaLit team is as renowned for its compassion as it is for its customized approach.

Culture of Caring

From charitable endeavors to a culture of compassion, AlphaLit’s mission to become each client’s preferred business partner resonates throughout every relationship.

When you interact with team members at AlphaLit, you will receive the best care, the quickest responses and a “no hassle” attitude. Each department within the organization works with a singular vision of client accomplishment. Originally a “30-minute rule” our project management departments are intentionally staffed to respond to your requests, questions or concerns within 15 minutes.

Our clients often commend us on our caring culture, which permeates through every action we take and separates us from the competition.

We recognize the inherent uncertainty of litigation support and eDiscovery. We know discovery can be difficult and complicated. That’s why we subscribe to a series of “no hassle” business principles to make eDiscovery easy, which means:

  • We say “Yes” and accomplish what you ask, rather than providing red tape, endless documentation or dismissing requests entirely due to difficulty;
  • We actually like you (a lot);
  • We handle off-hour requests without stress, no worries;
  • We have solutions to your (eDiscovery) problems;
  • We handle the trivial details really well and the important details even better.

Dedicated People

Driven by a commitment to caring and a pledge to be exceptional, each member of the AlphaLit team contributes to the company’s longstanding record of accomplishment. It is that human capital that sets the foundation for each engagement, large or small.

With a diverse talent pool tested for over two decades and reflecting a combination of industry, legal, and litigation support experience, there is rarely a challenge that we have not faced. We recognize your concern and pledge to remain steadfast through its resolution.

We are outcome-oriented and deadline-driven, but ultimately, we are simply true to our word. That level of dedication impacts our collective service orientation, fosters unparalleled responsiveness and yields positive results.

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